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Advent® Drops

Advent® Drops Advent® Drops is a bactericidal beta-lactam antibiotic for p ...Read more

From USD 15.71 per bottle

Advent® DT

Advent® DT Advent® DT (dispersible tablets) is a pediatric antibiotic w ...Read more

From USD 2.45 per pill

Advent® Injection For Kids

Advent® Injection For Kids Advent® Injection For Kids is a pediatric antibiotic used in ...Read more

From USD 15.26 per bottle

Advent® Syrup

Advent® Syrup Advent® Syrup is a pediatric antibiotic in a form of dry syr ...Read more

From USD 16.51 per bottle

Axalin® Expectorant

Axalin® Expectorant Axalin® Expectorant is an oral syrup used to relieve cough d ...Read more

From USD 19.63 per bottle

Azee® Dry Syrup

Azee® Dry Syrup Azee® Dry Syrup is a bacteriostatic antibiotic for pediatric ...Read more

From USD 10.71 per bottle

Azee® DT

Azee® DT Azee® DT (dispersible tablets) is an antibiotic used for the ...Read more

From USD 2.45 per pill

Azee® XL Dry Syrup

Azee® XL Dry Syrup Azee® XL Dry Syrup is a pediatric medication for the treatme ...Read more

From USD 12.05 per bottle

Cefoprox® Dry Syrup

Cefoprox® Dry Syrup Cefoprox® Dry Syrup is an oral antibiotic for pediatric use ...Read more

From USD 17.40 per bottle

Cefoprox® DT

Cefoprox® DT Cefoprox® DT is a broad-spectrum antibiotic for pediatric us ...Read more

From USD 1.20 per pill

Esomac® Granules

Esomac® Granules Esomac® Granules are a delayed-release suspension used to tr ...Read more

From USD 7.41 per sachet

Fevago® DS Suspension

Fevago® DS Suspension Fevago® DS Suspension is an oral pain-killer and antipyretic ...Read more

From USD 16.07 per bottle

Fevago® Suspension

Fevago® Suspension Fevago® Suspension is an oral analgesic and antipyretic used ...Read more

From USD 15.62 per bottle

Junior Lanzol®

Junior Lanzol® Junior Lanzol® is a gastric acid reducer used for a variety ...Read more

From USD 0.67 per pill

Levolin® Plus Syrup

Levolin® Plus Syrup Levolin® Plus Syrup is an oral medication used to relieve pr ...Read more

From USD 17.40 per gel

Montair® LC Kid Syrup

Montair® LC Kid Syrup Montair® LC Kid Syrup is an oral medication used to relieve ...Read more

From USD 21.42 per bottle

Novamox® Rediuse

Novamox® Rediuse Novamox® Rediuse is a pediatric broad-spectrum antibiotic wi ...Read more

From USD 12.50 per bottle

Nutrolin-B® Syrup

Nutrolin-B® Syrup Nutrolin-B® Syrup is a nutritional supplement aimed at promo ...Read more

From USD 15.71 per gel

Ziprax® Dry Syrup

Ziprax® Dry Syrup Ziprax® Dry Syrup is an oral antibiotic for use in pediatric ...Read more

From USD 14.28 per bottle


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Viagra Viagra is one of the best-known treatments for erectile dysf...
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Super Discount Pack

Super Discount Pack Super Discount Pack contains the anti-impotence medications ...
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Cialis Cialis is a quick-acting medication taken for the treatment ...
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Viagra® Viagra® (Pfizer) is one of the most popular drugs on the pla...
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